Polyvinyl chloride – PVC
Polyvinyl chloride – PVC

Polyvinyl chloride – PVC

PVC is a product of great versatility and is more present in our daily lives than we can imagine. Its properties, characteristics, and cost/benefit ratio combined, reveal its application potentialities, making it a product of extreme importance to the industry, but, above all, to mankind.

Polyvinyl chloride has a wide application in the civil construction industry (pipes and connections). The material is not affected by gases or acids, and has the property of being anti-flame and self-extinguishing. That is, if removed from the heat source, the flame goes out immediately. It is widely used in the coating and insulation of electrical cables. It is applied in:

  • Pipes and connections
  • Floors
  • Shower curtains
  • Room curtains
  • Hoses
  • Coating films
  • Production of wind blades
  • Medical materials